Our Services

Crisis Intervention

Assistance, consultation, support, and referral for individuals, couples, and families in crisis as a result of transition, loss, grief, or bereavement.


Individual, couple, family, and group.


Community support for individuals, couples, and/or families experiencing loss, abuse, or HIV/AIDS.

Education & Resources

Facilitation of a network of resources offered in the 4 County Area on multiple topic. Grief/loss, depression, ethnic concerns, Islamic phobia, discrimination, nacism, stuttering, banding families,international couples and more.

Training & Consultation

Workshops and Trainings to professionals, groups, and community.

Emergency Response

On-site technical assistance, intervention, and consultation for organizational and/or community emergencies or critical incidents.

Internship space (HBLC’s discretion).

Harvodes Bereavement and Loss Center may offer an internship site depending on its availability of the clinical awareness of the student. Internship will be completely clinical in nature. Depending on funding, being paid may be an option.

Clinical Supervision

Supervision provided to LPCs, LPCCs, LSWs, LGSWs, LISWs & LICSWs. Clinical hours can be completed toward hours needed for licensure. Hours for LADC may be offered as given the situation.

Family Re-unification

Harvodes Bereavement and Loss Center offers services to estranged parents that seek to reunite with their child/children under the age of 18. Families can be court ordered for services on volunteers. However, it is vital for all entities to desire participation for best outcome.

Grief Counseling

Harvodes Bereavement and Loss Center recognizes there are several types of grief (complicated, prolonged, delayed) that can occur sudden or expected. These services are offered on a one to one basis.

AIDS/HIV Prevention

While stereotypes seems to dominate some ethnic group, HBLC strives to educate the stigma of AIDS/HIV as well prevention, new intervention, and early testing if he/she thinks there may have been exposure. Services consists of how to care with a positive test regarding HIV and maintaining as much normancy as possible

Assessments & Anger Management

Group therapy definitely has its place helping he/she learn better ways to manage their anger. Howewer, HBLC believes working with in aindividualin a one-to-one setting may be just as helpful depending on the circumstances of the individual tp learn better ways to suppress emotions

Chemical Health Assessments

Harvodes Bereavement and Loss Center provides in depth Chemical Assessment on most substances and make necessary referal to the required treatment options.

Relapse Prevention Therapy

Relapse is a vital part on the recovery process and he/she may have the tool to maintain sobriety but implementing these tools can be a specific challenge. HBLC will assist in setting up a clean concise relapse plan to hopefully minimize and eventually stop relapses.

Cultural Specific Therapy

Harvodes Bereavement and Loss Center welcomes all cultural backgrounds to seek services. However, HBLC has worked with Sudanese and Somali refuges for several years and understands traditional therapy may invoke a challenge and HBLC has developed a unique perspective on these two populations.

Our Mission

Provide a safe, trusting, nurturing, and supportive environment to embrace the emotional and psychological state in all individuals based on their preferred reality.

Harvodes Bereavement Loss Center is a member of the National Health Service Corp a federal site offering services to all individual regardless of their ability to pay. (Services must be approved by the President, income sensitive, sliding fee scale)

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

— Martin Luther King, Jr.


Harvodes' President/CEO, Billy Anderson, has a B.S. in Educational Psychology, M. A. in Addictions Psychology, M.A. in Clinical Psychology, and a Ph.D. in General Psychology, with an emphasis in family psychology.

He is licensed by the Minnesota Board of Social Work as an LICSW and licensed by the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy as an LADC, LPCC with over 23 years in the fields of mental health and chemical health.

The name of the Center, Harvodes was inspired by the loss of his cousin, Harvey and grandmother Odessa, who took the place of his biological mother at 6 weeks. The sudden death of his cousin Harvey was a loss that continues to impact his life to this day. Both deaths have their own uniqueness: his grandmother’s was expected, but his cousin’s was unexpected. While different, each death evoked similar feelings and emotions of: confusion, frustration, and anger all at once.

Experiencing the deaths resulted in a process of grief, which included: Asking the questions such as why; challenging himself in terms of spirituality and inner strength; and learning how to best deal with the emotions. Both Odessa and Harvey had a tremendous impact on founder, Dr. Anderson, in their living years and following their deaths. The double impact led Dr. Anderson to search for a way to assist others who had experienced loss in a meaningful way to find hope for both the future and without their loved one(s). Harvey and Odessa helped shape the dream.

Harvodes will "Assist people who want and need support as they experience their loss and find hope and new meaning in their life.”

The Objectives

1. Educate communities about mental health, trauma, grief, and HIV/AIDS.

2. Facilitate training and consultation to professionals on mental health, treatment, research and outcomes.

3. Provide individual, couple and group therapy to all persons seeking service regardless of their ability to pay (Space must be available and a minimum fee is required).

4. Promote counseling for men's health related to Prostate problems on their emotional state.

5. Provide crisis intervention.

6.Offer services for Returning Veterans, Sudanese and Somali Refugees.

7. Provide coping strategies for he/she with HIV/AIDS to allow as much normalcy to be transparent as possible.

8. Increase awareness on emotional impact of stuttering

Our Goal

It is our belief that everyone who is willing to reach out and request help should receive it. Harvodes maintains a sliding fee scale based on income and ability to pay.

While giving all who ask counseling is a lofty goal, it is completely possible through the combined efforts of many. As a non-profit service, the continuation of the beneficial services offered by Harvodes is only possible through the kind donations made by others in local communities, globally, businesses and individuals.

Insurance Coverage

Medical insurance is accepted as a form of payment. Check with your Insurance service center for co-pay information. We maintain contracts with the following major HMO's:

BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota, Minnesota Health Care Programs, Corphealth Network, Inc, UBH / Medica, Health Partners, Ucare, Preferred One/BHP, Sand Creek Group, LTD., MHP, Midwest Solutions/EAP, Value Options/EAP and TriCare West.

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325 33rd Avenue North, Suite 110,
St. Cloud, MN 56303


(320) 259-7706

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